Scobleizer talking to MySpace: Leweb 2010

(all quotes just roughly verbal)

10h50 - Mike Jones, CEO, MySpace
Q&A with Robert Scoble, American Blogger, Tech Evangelist & Author

Program | LeWeb'10

- If you are unter 35 we are definitely targeting you.
- this is not a single platform game.
- we want to be the place to your favourite singer, band, TV show: we are about entertainment.
- as a company we had to realize thta we could not win in social networking
- we want to be best in connecting the content - we create a personal experience through the facebook network
- we do not want to be a social network any longer, but the futzurte is social, so it makes sense to team up.
- you can now interact with the myspace content without loging in, this will now also be possible on the phone
- iTunes will also be used to create a stream of favourite music
- Twitter will also be integrated into the topic page system
- I don't weant the place to replace itunes, I don't have the best in ituneslike places
- we have done a few acquistitions in the last years, we mainly look for teams and pillar technologies
- there was a substantial downsizing, we are taking an entrepreneurinal approach to optimizing, we have differnt needs with the new strategie
- there are not many brands on the web who have made a similar shift

We have the larghets collection of independent music

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