How I solved a Rememberthemilk problem without the help of the support

Sometime in May 2010 my Rememberthemilk_App on my mobile stopped functioning.
It just did not synch any more, menaing: when I reinstalled the app after the malfunction it synched for a while and then aborted.
No tasks were available.
On May 21st I wrote a support request to RTM.
In May 24th I got the fiur4st reply asking for more details on Wifi vs. 3G during the abort.
On the 25 I gave them the info and was promised the'd investigate.
On the 28th I asked again.
On June fist I got some options back for what to check.
I got back the same day and way instatly assued they'd 'investgate further'.
On June 3rd I gave them some more info on how much system capacity I had free.
On June 12th I asked them how much I SHOULD have free.
(all without reaction)
On June 19th I freed up 50% of everything (RAM & DISK) and told them it still doe not work
On August 18th I wrote them a message that it still does not work and that I was not happy with being a "pro"-user any more.
On August 19th I was informed that the error was an out of meory error and they left me in pro-status but gave me my money back.
On the same Day I was told I had '22.000 tasks' and that that was the problem.

After that I kept asking them what we could do to clear this up, as I was only seeing about 700 Tasks (yes I use the thing a lot ;) )
There was also some twitter contact where I was promised that they would get back to my ticket. Tis never happened and my twitter enquiries (and another ticket I opened) was ignored - while those of other people were adressed.

Well, and then on January first I was enlightened ;)
Cause RTM asked me to tweet that I had '22.000 completed tasks'.


I (and that was indeed my fault) had always overlooked the count of completed tasks - it was not relevant to me ;)
After some tinkering (I at the end hat ONE LIst of 17.000 completed tasks that I was deleting) I managed to delete all thoise (make sure you allow them to 'repeat' if you are asked to do so, or you might kill ALL your tasks).
And then today I reinstalled the app and ... it workds again (as far as I see).
Now I just need to create a task that I kill all the completed tasks now and then ;)

Goes without saying that I am still rather unhappy about the customer support I got (or: did not get -- except for the refund, that was fine & fair).
I still keep recommending RTM and will expand my paid subscription in February.
I just hope they will work on their customer support.