NEXT11 | DATA LOVE: Data fear and the human bottleneck (and an invitation to European bloggers)

I was asked by Djure to in my turn suggest to some international bloggers to apply to be official bloggers at #next11 in Berlin.
On many occasions, some time ago in Yugoslavia and this year at LeWeb I had the opportunity to meet some great people from all over Europe. So I gladly handed this on.

I have been at several 'next' events, and I was at #1 'next 10 yeras'. It is a great place to be if you want to learn and dicuss about what the web will do in a business context (if you want to talk politics & geekiness re:publica is the place to be).

DATA LOVE seems to be a nice topic.

Specially in germane we seem rather obsessive about 'data fear' which partly might be explained by history, where a giant datacollection by the Nazis and the use of punchcards made it easier to select victims for the Holocaust.

We have quite some challenges as far as data are concernned?

Who is allowed to collect them?
Can they be shared and handed on?
What if the data are 'works of art' or otherwise valuable?
What about the data a state collects, do they belong to all?
Do data (likje facebook followers) really say a lot about the quzality embedded in the possible dialogue of the 'fans' with the 'brand'?
How do we act as bottlenecks of this datastream? How do we as knowledge workers digest thius stream into 'knowledge' (and action).

The last point seems crucial to me and is the object of my daily thinking and practice. Which is why I sugegsted a talk on 'How to be a Social web Ninja' for Next11 and I'd love if you voted for it.

(And: If you are an international blogger and want to be made familiar with the application process, drop me a line. You can find my adress in the 'Impressum'.)

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