Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio Mobile (Angry birds) | NEXT11


Fireside chat: Algorithms That Govern Our Lives
Interviewer Sarah Lacy, TechCrunch
Programme | NEXT11
Bei Techcruch wird man mit Angry Stoff-Birds beworfen, wenn man nervt oder zu langsam pitcht.

Seit 2003. 51 Games before Angry Birds.
Rovio was building games for hire.
Angry Birds was built in beweet projects.

They looked at successful game designs.
Everybody loved the characters and they built a game around them.
It stared with a bird with angry eyebows.

Complexity is reduced, everybody can play from one year olds to grandparents - because of touch devices.

We are not religious about the business model: we sell it, we giv e irt away, there are branded versions (?).

They even did a movie with 20th century Fox, "Rio", a thing we have been told is impossible.

Cold and dfark scandnavia makes un creative.
Education plays a big role.
We put stress not on facts but on creativity and the practical side.
The chinese are sending millions of students to the west to learn this.

I would not like to be in any other line of business - we are in charge and can decide.

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