Tim Ferriss: "4 hour body" on stage at #next11

Tim Ferriss is an investor and on the search for the smallest possible adjustments with the biggest results.
His dad was overwheit and lost 90 pounds of fat in a year.
IN 4 hours of exercise/month.
Collect data, make small tweaks.
He did several hunderd of experiments on himself. LIke biopsies with muscle smaples.

"I wanted to see if my DNA was my destiny."
No predisposition for endurance - sub average.
But some of this can be countered by training.
Your genetics are not deterministic: you can flip switches.

60 kilo girl kan lift 600+ pounds of the floor (deadlift).
Look at the data.
Devloped by 2-3 lifts to the knees in distance of 6 min. It is a reliable process.

64 pounds of lean muscle in 28 days and lost 3 pounds of found.
With less than an hour of training per week.

Tracy lost 120 ponds 2-3 times / week of kettleball swings for 20 mins.

MED: Minimal effectice dosis.
- e.g. 30 grams of proteins withinn 30 min of waking up
- 90-120 min of tension for every muscle
- 1200 words of a language for conversational fluency

Watch: Objectified

Design: solve for extreme use cases, the average takes care of itself

Tracking and loss aversion -> Howto. The howto is not enough, you need a failure proof setup.
Do it in small steps, make it objective.

Jetlag take 6-8 mg Melatonin at your appointed sleep hour. (ERasy to get in the us...)

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