How to put a Google+-Post into your Google Profile's +1-Tab

The Problem:
- If you +1 something on the web it will show up in the +1-Tab of your Googöle(+)profile
- Other people can see these if you make your +1 Tab public (if you leave it non public you have your own private Bookmarkcollections, which is also fine.

- BUT whatever you +1 on Google+ itself will NOT show up in this tab (SCANDAL!)

So this is the How2 for it.

- Put the +1-Bookmarklet into your broswers Bookmark-Bar

- If you want to +1 a public post (you can do it with any other, others will just noit be able to access it)

- Click on the time/date-stamp of the post (that is on the rigfht of the poster's name) and open that page

- now click on the +1 Bookmarklet in your bookmark-bar

- it will look like nothing happened

- now go to your Google Profile's +1-Tab (here is mine)

- voilà

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