My best Google Reader Tipp: 'zapping' via Bookmarklet

Google Reader has a new design as of today:
Official Google Reader Blog: New in Reader: a fresh design, and Google sharing

While some features are canceled, my favorite feature remains and as I promised someone to write a little guide: This is a good day to do it. (As she is Dutch this article is in English ;) )

The feature is hidden in Options/ReaderSettings/Goodies ant it is called

"Put Reader in a bookmark"

Here you can create a bookmarklet to 'zap' through the latest posts in Google Reader just by a single click on a bookmark in the bookmark navigation of your browser.

Here you see part of my bookmark section in my Google Chrome. This also works for all other browsers.

The bookmarls with a ">" in front of the tag are my Google-Reader-Zappers.
>au gives me the next Podcast
>b the next item from my blogroll (which I do with GR)
>s! the next blogpost from one of my blog-consulting customers
>gd the next post from a (German) blog on productivity (and I have a whole collection of those)
>ge the same from an English language productivity blog


Now how do I create these?

In Options/ReaderSettings/Goodies you have the option to either create a bookmark that zaps through ALL your subscriptions or to limit the action to just a single label.

This way all feeds that are grouped to a label (and those can overlap) can be quickly screened.
The advantage is, that you are right on the respective blog page and see the context of the post and also get the full content (otherwise somethimes javascript-stuff is missing etc.)

You assign labels to a feed by using the 'Feed settings' dropdown in feed view.

I find it helpful to have some of those bookmarklets in view: The ones that I most often use as source for my own article ideas or for inspiration.

Of course you can also use the labels to publish both blogrolls and 'Tickers' for the collections you made.
Like here:
Weblogs on Selfmanagement and Productivity

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