Barcamp Bodensee / Lake Constance 2012

we are currently in the first steps of planning the camp.
No, you can't sign up yet. ;)

But we need your help., Which means:

- Please tell potential sponsors about our unique camp and point them to og @ to ask for details
- We are looking for 'Ambassadors' to carry the word about bcbs11 into all kinds of countries. Alsace and Serbia are already covered and I sent some mails to the Netherlands, Switzerland, GB and so on and am hoping for some echo. If you know people who love barcamps and would help to spred the word: Please also direct them to og @ so we can chat.

We already have some initial sponsoring coming in. Thanks to Goldbach Interactive Microsoft, Doubleslash, and Netformic.

Become a member of the bcbs-Community here and you will get all updates:

Main Page - Barcamp Bodensee / Lake Constance @ mixxt

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  1. Hmm, verwendet nicht das Barcamp Braunschweig auch den Tag #bcbs? Nicht, dass ihr euch da mal in die Quere kommt...

    1. Dazu gab es 2010 oder 2009 mal einen aufgeregten Beitrag von mir, damals hat Braunschweig zugesagt, in Zukunft eine andere Abk zu nehmen.

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