eCommerce 2012, Social-Media-Spickzettel, Weltgeschichte according to Facebook und: "Nicht überorganisieren" Daily Digest 31.01.2012

  • 10:50 Speed Summary: E-commerce Trends in 2012 | Social Commerce Today
    Na mal sehen was davon abhebt ;) #
  • 09:42 The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet / Flowtown (@flowtown)
    Anleitung für Anfänger #
  • 15:12 Weltgeschichte als Facebookstream.
  • 15:00 Tip for Getting More Organized: Don't
    "IBM researchers observed that email users who "searched" rather than set up files and folders for their correspondence typically found what they were looking for faster and with fewer errors. Time and overhead associated with creating and managing email folders were, effectively, a waste." #
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