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  • 21.05 11:50 14 Tips for Making the Most of the Tablet for Your Business
    Sehr schöne Tipps von vielen Praktikern. #
  • 21.05 11:00 Google+ Profile ignorieren oder blockieren | Alles über Google+
    Schöne Übersicht. #
  • 21.05 16:19 Microsoft Fuse Labs Blog Introducing So.cl Riffs
    Was ist ein so.cl 'Riff'? #
  • 22.05 06:19 Serious games
    kleiner Überall #
  • 22.05 15:20 Are You a Facebook Power User? [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Charakteriusiuerung des FB-Power-Users #
  • 22.05 18:26 Wenn Goethe twittern würde | Kultur | DW.DE | 04.03.2010
    Wie Autoren social networks nutzen. #
  • 22.05 18:54 9 Ways to Improve the Signal to Noise Ratio on Twitter - Brian Solis
    Twittern für Fortgeschriuttene. #
  • 23.05 08:01 Drawing Diagram-Free Diagram | ProcessOn
    Social Network fürs Business: Prozessgrafiken statt Powerpoint. #
  • 23.05 07:59 Wie Sie QR-Codes als Werbung nutzen
    Elegante Möglichkeit mit dem Google URLkürzer ein QR zu erstellen. #
  • 23.05 16:42 littleBits
    "littleBits is an opensource library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping and play.
    We spend more than 7.5 hours with technological devices every day, but most us don't know how they work, or how to make our own. For all the interactivity of these devices, we are bound to passive consumption. At littleBits, we believe we need to create scientific thinkers and problem-solvers, and interventions need to occur early. The time is ripe to create the pipe cleaner and the popsicle stick of the 21st century. littleBits consists of tiny circuit-boards with simple, unique functions engineered to snap together with magnets. No soldering, no wiring, no programming, just snap and play." #
  • 24.05 14:06 Infographics and charts - interactive data visualization | Infogr.am
    ""Infogr.am's product is gunning to be a kind of Adobe Illustrator for online, allowing anyone to create cool info-graphics."" #
  • 24.05 18:00 GetFreeCloud - Services on ownCloud platform - Free Cloud Storage
    Free OwnCloud-Provider. #
  • 24.05 17:58 Features | ownCloud.org
    DIY-Cloud thingy.:
    "Access Your Data
    Store your files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendars and more on a server of your choosing. Access that folder from your mobile device, your desktop, or a web browser. Access your data wherever you are, when you need it.

    Sync Your Data
    Keep your files, contacts, photo galleries, calendars and more synchronized amongst your devices. One folder, two folders and more ? get the most recent version of your files with the desktop and web client or mobile app of your choosing, at any time.

    Share Your Data
    Share your data with others, and give them access to your latest photo galleries, your calendar, your contacts, your music, or anything else you want them to see. Share it publicly, or privately. It is your data, do what you want with it." #
  • 24.05 17:41 Google Lat Long: Bringing Business Photos to more users and business owners
    Streetview bis in den Laden .... #
  • 25.05 07:56 CMO'S social media Guide
    Welcer Kanal passt zu welchen Zielen? Dynamischsortierbare Übersicht. #
  • 25.05 07:54 Social Media Etiquette ? The Do?s and Don?ts | Social Media Today
    Netikette für das Social Web (vor allem für B2X). #
  • 25.05 12:45 All my + are belong to Oliver Gassner
    Sehr coole G+-Statistik. #
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