Opening Words: #bcbs12 Barcamp Bodensee 2012

Here the iniial part of what I tried to say ;)

I usually don't read speeches.
But at this point every two years I get a little emotional, so in order to be still comprehensible,... bear with me.
The Internet is an amazing place where you can collaborate on an encyclopedia, chase out dictators, sell the content of your garage or watch little films about flying cats decorated with rainbows and accompanied by 8-bit-music.
Some people think, that the Internet is a network of machines.
They could not be more wrong.
The Internet connects people.
People like you.
The best thing in the Internet happens, when people switch off their computers, stand up, get on a train, car or airplane and meet, hug and talk.
This is happening here and now. We have people from Moldova, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Russia, Serbia, France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. (Where else?)
Thanks for coming here and thanks for making the best part of the Internet real.
Welcome to the best part of the Internet.
Welcome to Friedrichshafen.
Welcome to Barcamp Lake Constance.

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