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  • 17.09 08:39 Call Recorder for Skype - The Skype Audio/Video Call Recording Solution for Mac - Ecamm Network
  • 17.09 09:25 BlueButterfly, something exciting is in the cocoon.
    Paradise is just around the corner. "Ever opened your smartphone in a café only to find that their wireless network requires a password? You know how it goes. You dodge the line and ask the flustered girl at the counter for the password. She hands you a crumpled piece of paper with a 10-digit number on it, which you then tediously peck into your keyboard.

    Not the end of the world, but imagine this: You simply touch your phone to the WiFi sign on the wall of the café. A light goes green, and you?re connected. No annoying the barista. No code to get wrong. Just tap and go." #
  • 17.09 14:57 KeyRocket: Shortcuts am Computer leicht lernen » imgriff.com
    Der finale Profuktivitätstipp - jetzt mit eigenem Tool: Keyboard shortcuts. Mal sehen was ich bei Gmail noch dazulerne ;) #
  • 19.09 12:25 bestBC - best Business Concepts | Crowdinvesting
    Im Expertenteam und Startup.-Mentor. #
  • 19.09 12:24 Professionell kommunizieren mit Google - Oliver Gassner, Buch von Pearson Bookshop
    Autor im Auftrag von peasron #
  • 19.09 12:23 Das offizielle XING Seminar - powered by XING - Veranstaltungsorte
    Offizielle XING-Seminare als lizensierter Trainer. #
  • 19.09 12:23 Berufsbildung | VSZV Verband Südwestdeutscher Zeitungsverleger e.V.
    Journalistenschulungen. #
  • 19.09 12:22 innovation.mfg.de - ein Service der MFG Baden-Württemberg
    Seminare für die mfg.de #
  • 21.09 08:50 Play on: Serious Games for Elderly Citizens
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