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  • 31.10 10:55 Jahresvorbereitung - Kalender 2013 - Posterset im Großformat | | Geschichten und Bilder vom See - digital und gedruckt - Reichert GmbH - Überlingen Bodensee
    Kostenpflichtiges Planungsset #
  • 02.11 08:26 Beeminder
    "Beeminder is the only self-tracking system that uses monetary incentives to help you stick to your goals. If you just want self-tracking you have a lot of choices and if you just want commitment devices you have more and more options as well. Beeminder combines self-tracking and commitment contracts: keep all your data points on a Yellow Brick Road to your goal or we take your money. The combination is powerful. We call it flexible self-control." #
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