Barcamp Bodensee: Ticket shop is open


- Yes, we are SELLING the tickets. We had to start planning NOW.
- Yes, this was a hard decision.
- Yes, we are still looking for sponsors.

What we are collecting now will make sure we have food and drink at the camp. Whatever the sponsors will provide will help to create a nicer experience. And sponsors will help to get people with financial limits to the camp.

Please get your ticket at:

IMPORTANT: B&B tickets will be offerend only to March 29th. we have to reserve the beds by then.

IF you have a REALLY hard time coming up with the money: PLEASE contact og @ . I will try everything possible to invite you.

IF you are a company and want to buy a batch of tickets for your employees and friends, please also contact me.

Some good news:
- We will habe Delinat wine and Prosecco again.
- We will have Sonntagmorgen coffee again.

Yay, thanks ;)

If you have wquestions: Do not hesitate to contact me: @oliverg / og @


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