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All quotes only roughly correct.

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- Science Fiction is a form of design
- build a dragon
- release it
- see if it disrupts something

The best times for intervention in a development are between the states of the development in the S-curve.
What if you are in amature market and lose your edge?
What if they tell you, as a founder, you no longer fit the company?

Design Fictions are art of the startup world: They disrupt things.
They are not set in stable situations.

In startups you work hard and mocve fast to make other people rich.
Those then impoverish the middle class and destabilize governments.

There is an alliance between startups and money laundering mltinational cash jugglers (my term OG).-

We are all auto-colonialized by austerity: that is the real dragon. we are its brain and nervous system.
As long as you make the rich guys richer you are part of the dragon and part of the problem.
Solution: Keep more of the money yourself.

Are the investors your friends? N, they are not, They kicked your ass in the 1990ies.
The crash was caused by them, in 2001, in 2008, and now again.

"I warned you: this will be painful. (...) I will not kill that dragon for you. That is your job."

What you can do for me:
- send me German design fictions, like speculative videos, I will blog and spread them
- we need a taxonomy of dragons: which are the good and the bad ones

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