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OK guys, some liveblogging coming in from: NEXT Berlin | Leading. European. Digital
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All quotes only rougly correct.

Den Anfang macht eine komplett a-digital produzierte Videosequenz, dei das emotionale Setting für "Here be Dragons" bldet: Die Frage, wo heute die 'unkartierten Gebiete' des Digitalen Lebens und des digitalen Business sind.

Matthias Schrader @mattesmattes :
"What a scary movie."
Main presenting poarter is Deutsche Telekom who are hosting the Startup Track this year again. Also big companies ca befast and innovative.
Our future is totally unclear, we are on uncharted terrotory. The digital conmmnsumer shakes up one industry after another. Whatapp kills SMS. Zalando kills retailers etc.
From games we learn: we need to show courage and be a dragon slayer. Being afraid means losing the game.

Our topics:
# interfaces: Mobile instead of desktop
#3d_manufacturing: is the makes movement ready for primetime
#invisible lines between the digital and the physical become blurred
#context smart connected things and lots of data make a, powerful mix (like google glass)

This is the 8th NEXT. The speakers from all around the world will guide you to and through this future. Find out what paths are worth exploring.

Now a video message from the peron responsible from eh person responsible for the digital agenda of the european commission:
Neelie Kroes.

She call on the startups to create a future in business. She stresses the importantce of infrastructure and support and recognition from famlies, friends and professors etc. Let'S talk about and celebrate rthe sucess stories."EU Startup Initiative"
Let'S build a creative continent: succeed in Europe and stay in Europe.

Now on to the keynote.(new post)

Mre on the Design of Next13

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