Peer Steinbrück @next13 #next13 Über Deutschlands digitale Zukunft

Also zuerst: Peer Steinbrücks Englisch ist schon mal massiv besser als das von Westerwelle und Oettinger. Nice accent. OK, manchmal kleine "Lapses", er liest - aber es klingt kaum gelesen. er st aber auch in der Diskussion 100% "fluent".
Young Entrepreneurs in Germany that Peer Steinbrück talked to talked about their visions.

What is your vision: That is the question in the context of the digital age.

In Gernany politicians are really asked about visions, which us understandable As politicians need to be pragmatic and solve the problems at hand (and he quotes the famous Schmidt Saying: "If you have vusuions, see a doctor.")

How can we maintain the cohesion of society in the face of mounting differences?
What is the future of Europe beyhond the Euro crises.
To answer these questions you need visions.

The vision is: Germany should be the leader of the fourth industrial revolution.
This is when computers enter industrial production.
This brings about new processes, products and methods.
Like in car production.

Materials will change: nanotech or biotech.
Germany will be the poineer of this revolution.
The other three revlutions came from GB and twice from the US.
Germany has the strongest know-how and footprint in global industrial production. Not only in the car industry.
Germany kept its industrial backbone in the 80ies and 90ies.
The GDP in Germany is higher than in France, GB oder the USA.

We are on the launch path for the 4th industrial revlution: supply chains, reserach, adjustment customers needs.

What political decisions are necessary:
- infrastructure
- education
- entrepreneurtship

- infrastructure
We are far behind in broadband in rural regions, cause SMBs are out in the country.
This will not only be provided by private markets.
A universal service requirement will be set up.
Anyone will be able to invest hereand profit. (communites, cities etc.)

OG: so eine Art "VEB Netzeigentum", auch ne Idee ;)

- Education
When need to change school, universities and vocation training.
"The laptop is the workbench of the 21st century, every student needs one."
Goverment needs to investmore into education.
We need to change the constitution to allow the federal goverment to invest in education in the Länder and communities.
Raise sone taxes for some people: for these with the broadest shoulders. (NOT for companies)

- Entrepreneurship
US startups are worth more that German companies that have been around 150 years like Siemens.
- re introduce the founders support that the CDU government cut
- support investment in local startups instead of investing anywhere else, find capital for the startups
- we lack culture of failure, that might be a problem that is typically German: Stuff needs to be perfect. That is wrong. If you do not try you will not become successful. People deserve second chances at school and when founding companies.

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Adam Tinworth
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