Stephen Wolfram: The computational knowledge revolution

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All quotes only roughly correct.

Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine
Stephen Wolfram: Where Computation is going

How do big ideas translate into ractical techgnology.

Three pillars
- Mathematica
- A New Kind of Science
- Wolfram Alpha
Goal: Take all the knowledge in our civilazion and make it computable.

Three steps:
- find data
- make it computable
- build the methods for people to access this data(how do humans aks the questions?Only natural language works and we needed 50 yeras to help computers do that)

The web is not systematic enough to get the data from there.
KNow the database of wolfram Alpha is lager than the amount of text in the web: WA has other sources.

WA is the basis of the workings of Siri on Apple and also in Samsung products and other mobile and web products via the API.

A new development ist an interactive language to describe functions that can be called from other applications or from mobile devices as a cloud service.

All knowledge in Wolfram alpha is accessible to the WA-programming language.

Hier der 'fehlende' teil auf Deutsch:
Stephen Wolfram bei der #next13: Die Revolution des berechenbaren Wissens | CHIP Business Blog

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