Barcamp Bodensee / bcbs13: Gratis-Fahrräder (jetzt reservieren) & anderes


If you want to rent a free bike from your Sponsor please fill this form:

2) All tickets are free now and we have lots of tickets, so please tell people about #bcbs13

Maybe this helps you do it:
Just print and cut and hand it over with yourcard, when you meet interesting peple and want to talk to them some more. (Maybe to all thoise nice ppl at #re13 ;) )

3) We are also helping our sponsors to make more of #bcbs13.
Let's discuss what else sponsors can to to profit from barcamps:

4) Don't forget to blog & talk about barcamp ;) (And about or great Sponsors)

Cu in Konstanz (and some of you at #rp13)

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