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A story:
Freund arbeitet für eine Firma die Kram verpackt verkauft.
The marketing department had a retreat to develop new products.
"People want laundy detergent to make their clothes look new."
Chemistry department said: That is not possible.
But tey had an Enzyme that glues broken fibers together. The clothes looked newer but was actually more damaged.
Factually the detergent ate the clothes.
Not every illusiuon is harmless.
Most of our houses are computers that we put our bodies into.
Your car is a comoputer and you are trapped inside of it.
The 747 is a flying computer.

We also put computers into your bodies.
We will all have hearing aids because of the walkmen and iPods.
Wewoll have hearng aids that will be inside us and filter the world for us.

Our regulators and police will want to regulate computers to solve problems.
We are in the middle of 50 years of computer reguations.
DRM has been around a lonmg tome, back in the 80ies.
None of that old DRM actually worked - back in the 80ies and 90ies.
The descrambler could be hacked.
The unscrambled file will be on the machine of the receiver, the descrambler had the key in it.
It was all wishful thinking.
If you break the key once, all files will be decodable, that have eer been encoded.
Breaking technology to solve a social problem does not help.

DRM has only negative effects.
It is bad for sales and unfair.
Even if if was perfect we should be against it.
We should debug the legal code.
WIPO has the same relationship to bad copyright laws that Mordor has to evil.
They mainly made talking bout decoding DRM illegal.

If you want to interact with the dvd you have to sign a document that you do all kinds of thuings that are not piracy. LIke implement unskippable Ads.
You also are not allowed to produce players that ignore regional restrictions. You have to provide a cerrain robustness.
IN the case of open source it means you cannot impolement DRM in open source software.
This prevents innovation e.g. for making media accessible to disabled people.

One flag is that the receiver had to be n the same room as the person watching TV. No feature has been added to DVDs since 1996. You can watch them - end.

CDs have matured in this time.You can do all kindsof things with them. With DVDs you cannot do anythingnew with them.
Only large entertainment comanies can do stuff eitzh the content.
This is only the first casuality of DRM; Transpartency.
It is an anti feature: "I can't let you do that, Dave."

Tis anto-progrtam is hidden from you and your computer is lying at you about what files are on it.
This is how DRM works: Like the Sony Root KIt in 2006(?).
The virus hackers used a hole hat Sony created through a blind spot and this caused millions of computers to beinfected.

Informations wants nothing, but people want to be free.
When our computers lie to us - this is risky.

A softwaere that was meant to prevent laptop theft was used to record customers having sex ectec.
But they had to put it in the license agreements - and were allowed to continue to do it.
Dictators used that sofware as 'troyans'.

Also implanted defibrillators are hackable.
It's wireless.
A hacker could hijack the apparatus from 10m away and give people deadly shocks.

There is no solution for keeping computers to run certain unwanted programs.
He internet is not a nothing just full of clicktivism, it is not thelephone or another form of pay tv.

t is the nervous system of the 21st century.
It can be a tool of liberation of oppression.

It makes activism prossible WHILE you are doing something else: have a job, make money, have kids.

It is up to us, we can allow that computers lie to us or governments to control us or telcos that provide us only the content of those who pay.

He suggests to build a new network that is not controlled by shareholders.

I am an artist nmaling money from content, and I think that DRM is rubbish.

I want a free and fair world for my daughter and so should you.
There is no good furute withoput free devices and free networks.
Let's use them to liberate the planet.


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