Panel: Fred Guterl, Gunnar Stasett, Jose Ramos Horta bei der #nptf 2013,Mainau

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Es begrüßt uns Björn Bernadotte, der Sohn von Graf Lennart Bernadotte, dm Mitbegründer der Nobelpreistagung.
Gerade grüne Chemie, das Thema der diesjährigen Tagung, spielt auch für die Blumeninsel Mainau eine besondere Rolle.
'Enjoy the atmosphere of our park and our gardens (for your conversations)'.

'Educate, inspire, connect.'

Countess Bettina Bernadotte continues.
The Bernadotte Family is commeitted to sustainability.
She welcomes the panelists.

Es diskutieren:
Fred Guterl (fredguterl) on Twitter (editor s"cientific american", moderator)
Gunnar Stalsett (Nobelpreiskomittee, bishop emeritus)
President Jose Ramos-Horta (Friedensnobelpreis, Osttimor)

Professor Schürer will honor a special person.
2 panels:
- Challenges to peace and justice
- Green chemistry

There are preconditions to a free science.
The most important one is the ethos of scientists.
Each community needs to be founded on the ethos of its citizerns, lws cann not replace this.
This is the ethos and the responsbility of scientists, a topic that Albert Schweitzer has raised in 1954.

Marcus Storch (Stockholm) war 17 Jahre lang Mitglied der Nobelfoundations.
Er hat sich durch seine persönlichen und beruflichen Engagements diese Ehre verdient: Die Aufnahme in den Ehrensenat des Lindau-Nobelpreisträger-Treffens.
The task of the nobel foudnations ais to hgonor those that brought the greatest benefit to mankind. we cover the past, not the future. We write history.

There are two kinds of reserach: basic and curiosity guided reserch and practical, clinical reserach.
We devote to little funds to basic reserch.
Researches have a responsibility to inform the politicians on the importance of basic research.
There are also the humanities. The english word science does not (as the German word Wissenschaft) he humanities.

A great portions of laureates have studies latin and greek. This is a integral partof successs.

Youth: Ifwe are able to inspire the youth, what the Lindau Meeting has done, the future will be much more bright.

Panel 1: Challenges to peace and justice
Es diskutieren:
Fred Guterl (fredguterl) on Twitter (editor s"cientific american", moderator)
Gunnar Stalsett (Nobelpreiskomittee, bishop emeritus)
President Jose Ramos-Horta (Friedensnobelpreis, Osttimor)

Finding the laurteats here is a little like finding dak matter; OYu don't see them, you see the ring of aggregated matter around them.
This meeting is unique: it's focus on intergeneraton and mentoring. This is oparticularly moving.
It is important to theink about the context of what each individualis doing: science is a global collaboration and cooperation.
In the firstpanel we are taking one more step back and look at a humanitarian context: poverty and social justice.

The role of scientists and their responsiblity towards peace and justice.

Peace with justice it is likje marriage withlove, it seems obvious.
Peace is on the one hand the absence of war.
You are not only reserchers: you are also citizens.
Spekingthe samemlangiuage is important, but also between religion, between science and humanities, between nations.
We need to be careful about notlmiting aour caopacity to spek and make sure we do not only scientific or activit language but touse inclusive language.

Hotel: 'Please leave your values at the front desk.' we will not get the rigt direction in our work without the right values.
What are people fighting forinthe arab spring? Why are they marchig in Brazil and Turkey: The want values. You canntexcuse yourself by saying: I am a scientist.

There was a meeting of the 70religious leaders of arab countries with uprigings. They wre e speaking the language of humanity.
People will not give up before the revolution has delivered it'S promises:
- feed a child
- provide for health
- I am a loveable peron and want to be seen as such.

At the peace negotionations in Guatemala, someone said:
"It's nice you signed the contacts, but do we also get land to teach our childern to work on it, do we get teachers and doctors?"

?: everything is conneted.
If we look at the development of science in the last 100 years we live loger, many peple do not have to die. But science also created Hiroshima. Regadless of the rationale for developing and dropping the bomb, regardless of who started the war: I am very often horrifiesd on how comanies and sciences develop and perfectionalte (?) weapons.
In Asia people thik that bthere is a shortcut to being a superpower: develop nucelar weapons. Instead of fighting poverty, iliteracy etc.
Most nuclearpowers do not know any longer who to point their nuclear weapons at.

Some companies even design, market and sell torture equipment to regimes.

Every time young people ask me for advice.
"Study, study and study to be the best - not to be selfish. To be the pride of your family, village, country and of humanity."
(... war abgelenkt)

?: What is a scientist to do when her or his work is ambiguous and could be used negatively - where is the line drawn?

It is loike the market, that is described as an evil mechanis. I think the market is neither good nor bad, it is moprally neutral. This is also true for basic reserach.
The value judgment comes at the point of application. Many people have stepped don at that point: "I have invented/helped to invent it it, but the way itis used is not acceptable to me."

Ramos-Horta: The desicions are similar in many institutions. It is hard to ensure that our findings cannot be abused. In strong democratic institutions those institutions can limit the consequences - like in stem cell reserach. It would be counterproductive to discourage research beforehand cause it might be beneficial.

(war etwas abgelenkt)
Ramos-Horta: we have to go forward both with our heat and our mind.

Stalsett:"How much are you part of the problem (as a religiousleader, ad as scietist, and how can you be part of the solution? We have to be self critical, before we can find common ground. Be who you are but expand your vision."

[Zum 2. Panel (Chemie) reicht wahrscheilnich der Akku nicht mehr...]

Nachbemerkung: er setzte schon bei Panel 1 aus ;)

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