Aweber hat einen an der Waffel, oder: CAN-SPAM

Aweeber, der Service, mit dem ich meine Serienmails verschicke, teilt mir mit, dass er die Adresse, die ich im Footer meiner Mails angebe, aufgrund des CAN-SPAM Acts angpeasst habe (das ist son Gesetz in den USA gegen Spam, was per se prima ist.

Und zwar von alt:
Kehlhofgartenstraße 6a, Steißlingen, BW 78256, GERMANY
und neu
Kehlhofgartenstraße 6a, Steißlingen, BW 78256

.... denn dieses Dingsda dürfe keine Mailadessen oder Telefonummern enthalten.

", Germany" ist jetzt also eine Telefonnummer ;) Oder ne Mailadresse - schwer zu sagen.

Jedenfalls habe man jetzt wieder meine 'Billing address' eingetragen.

Meine Antwort:


you know,

If you want to apply US laws to Mail sent from Germany to people speaking German in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, that is more than fine.

If you also want to present German snail mail adresses in a format, that is totally incomprehnsible to Germans, that is also more than fine.

If you feel you need to change the format from one incomprehensible way in to some other incomprehensible way (the BW has no function whatsoever in the German mail adress and the ZIPcode goes in front of the location (which is Steißlingen)) - well... be very welcome.

But of course it makes TOTALLY sense that your remove GERMANY from the adress, so that someone in Austria or Switzerland (or the US) has no idea, where I live and is prevented from ever sending me any legally binding mail.

Specially since GERMANY _is_ part of the address (as specified my the law) and is neither a phone numer nor an e-mail adress nor anything else.

At least i am grateful, that you left the ß in there. ;)

So have a nice weekend ;)


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