How to buy a blogger (rp14)

Quotes only very roughly verbally.
@luebue (Achtung! Hamburg):
The title was intentionally provocative, this was a "fun topic" for bloggers.
How do you work with people who do publishing for fun and are not financed in any other way (like from a publishing house).
 qkluebue has been working with bloggers for 10 years. Bloggers ask: "How will you compensate? How do my readers profit?"
The PR industry wants to be transparent.
What can I expect from bloggers, what can bloggers expect from me?
We need to be transparent towards PR clients and to bloggers at the same time.

Can the bloggers afford to attend an event?
"What will you give me before you know what I'll be doing?"

Sometimes bloggers who are participating in bigger projects are surprised that the PR firm is offering real money - more then 20 or 50 Euros per artticle ;) (LIke some others do.)

We believe good work needs good pay.
We started to buy non exclusive publishing rights to atricles that bloggers had on their own blogs, For internal use, Or Clipping or Quoting.

Maybe we should evenb pay for the time - not for the content.
And if they consult we obviously pay them for that.
But we 'd want ful trabnsparency on that.

Vanessa works for Barracudea un Rome
I agreee with @luebuwe we have the same issues in Italy.
We try to alwys have a professional approach and be fair and transparent. There are no laws in Italy that regulate this.
We create editorial projects that also involve bloggers.
We mediate bewteen the bloggers approach and the clients needs.
We try to give them access to exclusive content, compensate for travel or also give them money.
Whgen I read the title I thought. "Really you can buy a blogger?"
In italy you need to register to be a journalist. It gives them duties and rights. The blog stars have their own agency. So you work as an agenciy with an agency of the bloggers.
But you also have small bloggers with a few readers who are passioante.

Blogger: "If I am paid my audience does not think I an neural any more". We need to think about content that is ftting with the log ans the bloggers attitude.
Blogging is both a possibility and also a threat to companies. we have to keep that and the political situation in mind.

Olga from Philips Russia
Bloggers are not paid but get products.
Law on May 5th Bloggers with larger blogs havbe to register and to abide to rules like not do treaon slander or use obscene langiage. Commentinmg is also limited etc. LImit is 3000 Vistis/Day.

This will make interaction ahrder. also a blog search amchine (there are 40 million blogs) shut down because of the law.
The famous bloggers OTOH are becoming media.

(Ich muss Pause machen wiel ich gleich in die Fishbowl gerufen werde ;) )

If you invite bloggersyou never now if the will write. They have pasion and ou have to feed that passion.

Our blogger campaigns are always Blogger-only campaigns but we also work with the PR agency of the client. The clients get brad awareness and we set up a very special project for the bloggers only.

This is not just a post, we try to thuink bigger. We want to engage communities. Like a blogger can host a special event.

We call waht we do 'micro audience engagement'
Our clients get attentioan and feedback in a very engaged microcommunity. (Vanessa: You never know the real reach of a blogger (via Facebook etc.).)
THis is setting the stage for perception beyhgond the bloggers. also search engine visibility.
Ovomaltine changed their claim and we send thank you ginbts to bloggers. There was alot of buzz in social media and attention from food journalists. It showed street credibility - which is not a hard KPI.

We talked about blogers about new featires of a mobile phone. we did not want any blog posts, just their feedback. we creted a special event ans space for that.
We also sent bloggers cocktail recipies and a new drink and got a lot of reach on Twitter.

We pay for travel and food and everything but as with journalists we are not suire hw to deal with money and bloggers. Of course we don't pay the already paid journalisrts. But it is differet with bloggers.
We do not want topay for the content.

Blogger Vorspeisenplatte:
I am both blogging and asked for consulting.
I opened the Ovomalite parcel and was astonished. It was a parcel full of industzrially produced shit. But Iam a foodbloger who gfelt insuklted and other foodbloggers felt the same. What you saw a s success are maybe just some freeloaders who will write anything.

SMM for allianz
We have a dilemma with blogeger relations. IN our COC for journalists we never pay for covergae. We do not know what to do that with bloggers. As we do not pay we do not rech the niches that we want to reach,. We cannot send around cool products cause we don't have any.

Some bloggers are in it for the money, some want to offer their opinion but need money to be able to attend.This is why we developed several ideas for compensation (like licensing content)

Explain the client that he cannot have a list of 3000 Bloggers interetsed in his topic, there are not that many.

Michael Praetorius
Distance support and collaboration are inportant
We made a youtube show at SXSW with an airline, we could do all we wanted we just had backup.
How can we support bloggers that hey can cover what they want to cover. Not what you wat them to cover.
Suport bloggers with wifi and infrasrttructure on events. Work with them and not have them just work for you.

Why don't you offer a bloggers a stage where they can publish things.

We need to explain the bloggers how they can work with us. Often they do not know what to produce so that you can pay them, Specially Youtubers need help there.

Vanessa. Education bloggers is not easy, we are the agency, hey are the bloggers, there are borders.
Sometimes you make little mistakes like inviting the wrong blogger and the reaction is sometimes tough, they bring their complaints to social networks.

Diana @ Unruly
We work with bloggers and we pay them to spread vidos from your clients. I enjoy the freshness and spontaneity of the bloggers. If you give bloggers structure the resulty are only sometimes better.
What Michael said was spot on.