#opendigi Tina Thörner (Sweden): Collaboration in the borderline classroom #opendigi

#opendigi Tina Thörner #school4you

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Tina Thörner: Platform for students all around the world to collaborate for the future.

How can kids help each other develop via an online tool?
This had to be free and open as there was no money in Africa to pay for it.

Create a new 'game plan':
- create accounts to be ablte to watch what happens on the platform for security reasons
- use it locally ("intranet") and globally
- exponential timeline (?)
- trends: urbanizantion, digitalization, globalization
- education moves too slowly, unemployed youth have the wrong (business) skills
- what skills do I need?
- companies will provide a learning platform for youths
- what will happen to teachers? they will develop / create workboards on the system (and sell them on the platform; like in an app system)
- study anywhere (and while you travel or are abroad), stay connected to your 'classroom'
- Brain reserach & gamification & experience

knowledge4you (teachers make money (?))
business4you (busnesses teach kids business skills (?))

Business Model: Digital CV, be "part" of a company for a year digitally (company pays?), get a Cv with what you know